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On show dates, please call or text changes in your plans to Mac McAllister at 256-841-2522. Merle does not have cell service up here so she cannot get calls or texts.

This is a private music club, where the patrons value the luxury of a quiet listening environment away from the noisy crowds at other places. We love to be able to spread out comfortably and to hear the music and the lyrics. But there is space for dancing when your feet just can't resist the beat! Mac & Pat McAllister want to thank you for your support of the music these last two seasons. Even though the Corona Virus put a damper on things for many months, we have tried to keep the music going for both you, the listeners, and the musicians. Your attendance makes this possible! And thanks to all the Local Color Alumni who are still answering the call for good music! A little bit of Local Color lives on up here on the mountain.

Saturday, June 19 at 6:00 PM
Senior Prom Night with the Martini Shakers!

 A chance to get dressed up, girls & guys. We've got plans afoot for a very special night just like your High School Prom years ago. Music by the Martini Shakers (Jory's gonna look good in a Tux). This will be an event different from any we've done before! We want to make it just like your prom, back when we had it in the Gym and decorated with crepe paper & balloons. Your ticket will include your photo taken by our photographer, finger foods on the buffet line, lead out, and a chance to be the Prom King and Queen! Doors will open at 6PM. Make reservations early; seating will be limited to 60 this time.   $30.00 cover (cash, please).  
Senior Prom Night with the Martini Shakers!
Friday, June 25 at 6:00 PM
Three on a String

 Our favorite Men of Merriment are back again! Come up to Hog Mountain and listen to your Friendly Webmaster's favorite musical group; we can't say what will transpire, but we know you will be thoroughly, completely, utterly, and conclusively entertained!  $20.00 cover (cash, please).  
Three on a String
Saturday, July 10 at 6:00 PM

Rosewood is an acoustic trio based in Birmingham, featuring tight harmonies and a unique brand of comedy. Created in 1985, the group consists of members Stan Putnam, guitar; Dan Lakeman, banjo & guitar; and Andy Meginniss (from Three on a String), bass & guitar.  Rosewood is an acoustic trio based in Birmingham, featuring tight harmonies and a unique brand of comedy. Created in 1985, the group consists of members Stan Putnam, guitar; Dan Lakeman, banjo & guitar; and Andy Meginniss (from Three on a String), bass & guitar.  $20.00 cover (cash, please).  
Friday, July 16 at 6:00 PM
The 1920s Jazz Babies featuring Merle Dollar

 In their first public appearance anywhere on Planet Earth! The 1920s Jazz Babies will thrill you with 1920s jazz, featuring our favorite frail, Merle Dollar! With Chuck King on trumpet, Peyton Grant on piano, Gaines Brake on clarinet, and Tom Dameron on tuba (yes, tuba). This show will be fun as well as entertaining. Major hot jazz on the Mountain!  $20.00 cover (cash, please).  
The 1920s Jazz Babies featuring Merle Dollar
Saturday, July 24 at 6:00 PM
Liz & the Grand Tour

Classic Country band for all you who have been asking for some good Country. Classic country from the 50s thru the 90s, with a handful of newer tunes. Jones, Haggard, Williams, Conway and Loretta, on up thru Clint Black and Alan Jackson and many others. Pedal steel guitar, really outstanding vocals! They had my attention at Pedal Steel Guitar! And they have a killer female vocalist! Can't wait to see this group.    $20.00 cover (cash, please).  
Liz &  the Grand Tour
Saturday, July 31 at 6:00 PM
the Four Voicemen

 This four man Doo Wap group will showcase a 50's night, complete with an appearance by Barnie Fife, and the Martini Shakers! This would be a perfect time to get out the Poodle Skirts and leather jackets....Cool is the Rule! Make reservations early for this one.  $20.00 cover (cash, please).  
the Four Voicemen
Saturday, August 21 at 6:00 PM
the Red Coats
Beatlemania Part 1

 We just can't get enough Beatles music! Mark Lanter and the guys will be bringing you a fresh show, so even if you saw the first one, this one will be a little different! Doug Lee will be added to the lineup to take the place of Peyton Grant, who can't be here for this show. This is going to be a superb lineup!  $20.00 cover (cash, please).  
the Red Coats <br> Beatlemania Part 1
Saturday, August 28 at 6:00 PM
the Martini Shakers
"End of Summer Show"

 It's become a tradition that the Martini Shakers do the last show of the summer here on the Mountain! Nothing like Rockabilly to put the exclamation point to the end of Summer! The Martini Shakers play authentic, atomic-powered rockabilly the way it sounded in 1954--wide open and furious! Don't knock it if you haven't ROCKED it! Be sure to make reservations early!   $20.00 cover (cash, please).  
the Martini Shakers<br>"End of Summer Show"
Friday, December 31 at 6:00 PM
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 This is not a real event! Your friendly Webmaster is using this event to test automatic e-mails. If you make a reservation for this test event, be prepared to get lots of e-mails you don't want!    
This is a Test
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