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Good News for all of you who are missing the music!

Sugar Creek Supper Club, 344 Camp Road, Hayden, Alabama 35079 is a new venture by Mac & Pat McAllister. Together with Merle Dollar and Garry Burtram of the now-closed Local Color Café, they are creating a warm, inviting venue which will be a one-stop destination for hot sandwiches and a show.  Mac & Pat love to cook & entertain, and have had a great deal of experience in feeding large "flocks" of people here at Sugar Creek for special events and fellowship over the years. So you can look forward to wonderful hospitality as well as some great music.

Sugar Creek Supper Club is a private club for music lovers across the central Alabama region.  Attendance of two or more events per season constitutes membership.  Guests may attend single events when invited by a member.  Meetings are held during Supper Club events and bylaws will be made available upon request submitted in writing to: Sugar Creek Supper Club, Attention Officers, 344 Camp Road, Hayden, AL 35079.  All events Held on private property of the Hitt & Miss Farms Hayden, AL.  Members and guests are asked to respect the privacy of this property's owner and honor times set forth for Sugar Creek Supper Club events.  Any questions or concerns contact Mac McAllister at 256-841-2522.

We will have a good deal of the Local Color "flavor" that their dedicated visitors will appreciate.  Seating will be reserved, just like before at Local Color, so please contact Merle Dollar via email ( or by phone/text at 205-527-0232 for reservations (good news, this place is twice the size of our Local Color, so plan to bring even more friends & family!). Or you can click the "RESERVE" button back on the Home Page.

Mac & Pat ask that you give them a 24 hour cancellation so they can more accurately plan the snack  preparation.  This has worked very well for them over the years for the Sugar Creek Fellowship events.  Yummy homemade desserts, snacks & beverages will be for sale all through the evening.  Bring your own supper if you like, but remember there are no restaurants nearby! They even have a movie theater style Pop Corn popper!

Doors will open at about 5:30PM and music starts at 6:00 PM.   Please bring cash, and remember this is a rural setting, so no ATMs close by!  Lights go down for music just before the show, so settle in for some wonderful entertainment.

You may start making reservations right now! Hayden is just a short hop up I-65, right down the road from the Pumpkin Patch! GPS will take you right here, and Mac will have signs up everywhere to guide your way.

Click here for a map and directions!

Mac & Pat McAllister

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