Sugar Creek Supper Club

Good News for all of you who are missing the music!

Hey folks,

Pat and I would like to invite all who attend the musical events to enjoy a meal with us.  We have been cooking and serving food here at Sugar Creek for the Faith Fellowship that gathers here twice a year for almost 40 years now!  Our commitment to you all is the same as our Brothers and Sisters of the Fellowship.  We will cook and serve up good quality food, fun and fellowship; we ask only that you enjoy the company of each other as you dine.

All prices are suggested donations to cover food cost and building and equipment maintenance. We so look forward to serving you and all our fellow music loving friends and family.

So Bon Appétit and enjoy the show!

Mac & Pat McAllister

We're still thinkin' about the menu for the next show.
We'll publish the new menu soon.

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